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Reading: Andy Clausen + Pamel Twining

ANDY CLAUSEN has travelled and read his poetry all over North America and the world. (New York, California, Alaska, Texas, Prague, Kathmandu, Amsterdam and elsewhere) He was co-editor of, POEMS FOR THE NATION, with Allen Ginsberg and Eliot Katz (Seven Stories Press). He was an editor at LONG SHOT Magazine. Andy has written about his adventures with Allen Ginsberg, Gregory Corso, Ray Bremser, Janine Pommy Vega, Peter Orlovsky, and many others of the Beat Generation. He is the author of “40th Century Man” and “Home of the Blues”, among other books of poetry. His latest book, “Beat: The Latter Days of the Beat Generation, a First Hand Account” was published by Autonomedia in fall of 2018. He is currently working on a book about his backpacking travels around Asia and Europe.

PAMELA TWINING has traveled the US with her partner, poet Andy Clausen, performing her work in California, Colorado, New York City, Michigan, Wisconsin and places in between. Her work has appeared in Big Scream, Big Hammer, PoetryBay, The Café Review, Napalm Health Spa, and Heyday!, among others. With Andy Clausen, she is co-curator of “The Invisible Empires of Beatitude” page at The Museum of American Poetics ( In addition, she is author of three chapbooks, “i have been a river…” “utopians & madmen” and “A Thousand Years of Wanting; the Erotic Poetry of Pamela Twining”. She will have a new book, “Renegade Boots”, out this fall and is working on a prose/poem memoir entitled “Ecstasy Pie”.